How to send your files to Meep


1. After placing your order send all files (MP3 & WAV for audio / JPEG for images) to

2. You can attach files to an email or use Google Drive, Dropbox, or Wetransfer for large files. 

3. Please place them in a folder clearly labeled and with the sequence you would like
them in. For Example - SIDE A - song 1,2,3 etc.  Label image, Cover image, etc.

4.  Turnaround time is 2-3 weeks. When the order is done we will send you a tracking number.

5. If you need a rush job - We can usually accomodate you for a fee.

6.  We accept payments via Paypal. 

7. For Colored Records please send an image of a similar disc or color.

Custom center labels and covers.

- All records come in a plastic outer sleeve.

- If you would like our "Meep Records" labels they have a blank space for you to write on.
  $4 comes with two labels (A-side & B-side) 
- If you would like Custom Labels send one or two JPEG images (A-side & B-side) measuring 3" x 3"s. 
  They can be square - we have a circle punch.
  Mind where the center hole is going to go! 
  $8 comes with two labels (A-side & B-side)

- If you would like a Custom Cover send 2 JPEG images (front and back) that measure 10.5" x 10.5"
We make custom covers by printing out your images and gluing them to a blank record jacket
it's not a professional record jacket but it's as good as we can get.